Constant research and development of cutting-edge audio solutions , also custom designed for your needs.
In Tutondo we innovate , imagine future expectations and create products for specific end-customer satisfaction and solid support to our partners . Our culture is based on responsibility , cooperation and a willingness to look at the world from your perspective.

Through innovative approaches designed to transform your business , with services and audio -visual engineering technology we aim to achieve the full success of your projects.

Research and Development

Studies and ongoing research into technological solutions enable the creation of increasingly innovative systems and installations leading to an avant-garde service that is highly accurate in every detail.

That is why A.T.E.C. invests in an R&D laboratory that focuses on the discovery of technological innovations, playing a fundamental part in the company.

Technical design

Every Tutondo system is designed in-house by a staff of engineers concerned with developing professional hi-fi solutions.

From design to technology, project conception is a key element in our products, which anticipate and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, with the right combination of all the commercial, creative and technological aspects.

Customer support

Our company is capable of assuring a timely customer support service to all our customers.

For any technical information, needs or problems relating to our products, our customer support service can offer the most straightforward and effective solution. Our main aim is to guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

Customized solutions

The added value of our solutions that makes our customers choose us consists in the implementation of made-to-measure systems designed and developed after an accurate study of a customer's specific needs.

That is why, before implementing a system, we can provide a focused consultancy service to analyze a given case in detail and recommend a specifically tailored solution.